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Within the past couple of months, I've been experimenting in making some videos of my drawings and adjusting the speed. I've completed two videos so far:

Dachshund Portrait - 10/25/11…

Duck Trap Beach - 11/21/11…

Both are really detailed pencil drawings and took many hours to complete. The videos are a little rough and the lighting isn't the greatest, but it's a start; I'm sure they'll improve as I progress. For now, I hope you enjoy what I've got :)
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"Something in the stare of a wolf is chilling, beyond the hungry yellow eyes of childhood nightmares, beyond any physical threat, real or imagined. Caught in that cold glare, I felt suddenly transparent, as if my heart were being measured. In that instant I knew what we fear most in wolves: not their teeth but their wisdom - an alien, elusive intelligence that refuses us, rejects our notions of superiority with a glance."

~ Nick Jans, "The Last Light Breaking"
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It shouldn't be too long before I get some of my drawings on here. We've got a new scanner in my graphics class, so as soon as I bring in my sketchbook and scan my drawings I'll upload them. I probably won't be getting a new digital camera until Christmas, so it'll be a while before I can get some good photography on here. For now I'll just keep throwing on the few photos I have on my computer. :)